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We show you actual sold prices on used/salvage vehicles so you can find comparables and stop guessing what a vehicle is worth.

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Comparable Vehicles
Current bid$93,000
Last sold for$87,000
Comparable Vehicles - Repaired2016 G63 AMG38,000
Comparable Vehicles - Damaged2016 G63 AMG38,000
History Ferrari SideHistory Ferrari FrontHistory DetailsHistory Details Mini

Remove surprises with detailed vehicle history

View previous auction results, see if vehicle appeared in other auctions, pull up a free VIN report, show archived vehicle photos, and more.

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Know your seller

Our system knows the difference between Insurance Companies and Third Party sellers by looking at sales history, sale details, and analysis of photos.

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Insurance Companies

First time auction sales. Often vehicles with a brief history and lower risk.

Third Parties

Sales by dealers and donors. These vehicles may have a richer story to tell.

We have meticulously curated a vehicle archive that’s bringing the salvage industry into the 21st century.

How can we help improve your auto buying?

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  • Avoid over-paying for vehicles
  • Avoid vehicles that have a checkered history
  • Learn who the seller is and bid confidently
  • Discover new profitable opportunities

Do it Yourselfers

  • Educate yourself on pricing and bid confidently
  • Avoid vehicles that have been doctored up
  • Find the best salvage vehicle for your next project
  • Find vehicles to flip at a profit

Exporters &

  • See high-resolution vehicle photos
  • See auction details and sale price by VIN search
  • Estimate the cost of vehicle shipping
  • Find new profitable vehicle niches

Inspectors &

  • See the history of a vehicle and value estimate
  • See auction details and sale price by VIN search
  • Provide data that is superior to your competition
  • Sort through over 31,626,256 sold vehicles
Every vehicle has a story, and we are dedicated to documenting and sharing these stories with you.

Sort and sift through over
31,626,256 vehicles with ease.