Hello! I'm Nick Woodhams, the founder of AutoAuctions.io. I'm a gearhead, tech guru, and entrepreneur.

I come from an eCommerce background and know how important it is to have data to make good decisions. For example, if you're buying or selling something on eBay, you can look at recently sold listings to price your item. I was surprised that there was really nothing similar out there for salvage vehicles (that was any good).

When I first watched Rich Rebuilds water damaged Tesla videos I thought; if I were to buy a water damaged Tesla too, what should I expect to pay? There was no easy way to know.

Later I watched the Cars of the Day series by Samcrac it made me think... there is a lot of funny business happening with these cars, I wonder if I can build in some ways to include this history in the listings.

And this is how it all started! Excited for you to try the service and share your experiences with us.

Nick in Mercedes Hat

We're Hiring

We're hiring Python/Flask developers and other bright individuals to join our team of automotive lovers. If you're interested in working with us, contact Nick for more details.