Frequently Asked Questions

What is a report?

A report is what you see when you click into an individual listing-- the winning bid or current high bid, auction sales history, photos, and comparable vehicles. Here's an example that's unlocked.

What is a search?

You can search for a vehicle by Year, Make, Model, VIN, or Lot Number in the search header. There are also a number of filters to narrow down your results. .

How many vehicles are availble for searching?

We currently have 5,637,844 sold vehicles. This includes most U.S. salvage auctions in the last 6 months, and many going back as far as several years.

Are there any catches to your 14-day satisfaction guarantee?

Our policy is to treat others as we would want to be treated. Most of our customers are thrilled with the app. We'd love for you to be thrilled too. If for any reason you aren't happy; we'll take care of you. We'll also listen to your feedback and try to improve from it.

Can I purchase a report on just one vehicle?

Yes! We sell individual reports for less than the cost of a membership. To find the vehicle, use the search at the top of the homepage.

What are comparable sold vehicles?

These are vehicles that are the same year, make, model, and have the same type of damage. These are located at the bottom of each report.

Do you also have active auctions?

Yes, we have all active U.S salvage auctions with an assigned sale date. We also have sold vehicles and pending vehicles including the winning bids.

What is your propietary seller analysis?

We have an algorithm that's really accurate at predicting if a vehicle is being sold by an Insurance Company or Third Party seller. We consider:

  1. If the vehicle has been sold at auction before.
  2. Sale details such as pure sale or on-approval.
  3. Winning bid history.
  4. An image analysis that looks for certain attributes in vehicle photos.

Do my reports roll-over to the next month if I don't use them all?

Yes, they do! As long as you keep your membership current your reports will keep rolling over each month.

Do you offer API access?

We do as part of our plans for enterprises. Contact us for more info

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