Title & Condition

Title Type Salvage
Title MN - Cert Of Title-Salvage
Primary Damage Front End


Notes: 2015 Kymco Myroad. There are 1554 miles on the scooter. There are keys it runs and drives. Damage includes: left side of engine is scraped muffler is scraped/dented/broken front turn signals are scraped handlebars are scraped clutch lever/front brake lever is scraped mirrors are scraped left drivers peg is scraped right drivers peg is broken passenger pegs are scraped front fairing is broken inner fairing is scraped side fairings are scraped/broken.

Technical Specs

Estimated Repair Cost $8,142
Estimated Retail Value $4,985
Damage Ratio 163%
Body Style: Motor Sc
Color: White
Engine Type: 2
Fuel Type: Gas
Cylinders: 2
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