2017 BOURGAULT L7550 Tow-Between #12017 BOURGAULT L7550 Tow-Between #9

Title & Condition

Primary DamageUnknown


Notes:The closing times of lots 45, 46, 47, 48 are tied together. If a bid is received, then a time-extension will be applied to all lots. Once the time closes the higher bidder on each piece will be the winner. ONE OWNER. LESS THAN 11000 ACRES TOTAL USE. SECTION CONTROL READY (ONE SECTION) - ON/OFF GPS CONTROLLED. PURCHASED TERMS OFFERED BY SELLER - 25% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, BALANCE DUE ON BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2021. Closing Time: 2021-04-10 01:07:30 PM

Technical Specs

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